måndag 20 februari 2012

whoo is this? It's my new friend

I know the "whoo is this?" was kind of corny... ;) But if I could I would have a special owl in the forest that I could go and visit whenever I wanted. Therefore I have one looking at me with his big round eyes at my desk. :) Say hello to my new friend Ugglas. (uggla is the word for owl in swedish...) He's kind of fragile because I painted him on thin paper...I wanted to try watercolours on tissuepaper!

Beautiful Lights

I don't think I am the only one who wants to send invitations to a garden party with lots of beautiful lights, lovely food and dear friends. The closest I can get right now is making a candle with lanterns....so I did! :)

Look at these amazing pictures...I can't wait until spring is here...




onsdag 1 februari 2012

Art diary

En speciell sida i min artdagbok... 26 jan 2012! 10 årig bröllopsdag!!! :D På baksidan har jag skrivit ner allt vi gjorde så att man kommer ihåg alla detaljer! Kommer bilder någon gång också tänkte jag...

A special page in my art diary...January 26..Our 10 year wedding anniversary!! :D I've done some journaling on the backside on the flowery paper! Maybe there will be pictures someday... :)


Tänk att det har blivit en LO! Det var på tiden! Det kan också bero på att det snöar utanför fönstret! Min kreativitet fungerar allra bäst då konstigt nog! :) xoxo

I have finally made a new Layout! It was about time. Maybe it has something to do with the snow falling outside my window...My creativity comes alive then strangely enough! :) xoxo